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Choose Exactly the People You Need.

We have exactly who you need.
Our database includes the best candidates with the highest reviews from past clients for you to choose from,
you can also call us if you’re not sure who and how many you need for your particular event.

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Know Us

Indian Hawks is one among the Hospitality, Talent and Resource Management Organization in India.

As service industry is so diverse with Client Nature, Place, Resources, Equipment, Strength, and Personalities; for this reason every organization needs a candidate having flexible, versatile personality to justify the job and job requirements with higher standard of hospitality and service industry Knowledge.
Profiling for hospitality and service industry, people really matters to the healthy environment and successful business.
Indian Hawks is fully loaded team of highly energetic young professionals.



Indian Hawks is founded to fulfill the Service industry needs and provide easy access to the respective industrial services and easy job access to the searcher. 


Our Service

We serve the four dynamic phases of Service Industry


Event Industry

Hotel Industry

Logistic & Tourism Industry

Restaurant And Food Chain Industry

Our Associate

We believe in service not in Business


If you’re looking for professionals for your agency then you are at the right place. We at Indian Hawks are working for the service industry
and its recruitment system, having strong data pool of right professionals to full fill your service standards.
We are working with the country’s finest Companies and venues.
We would be delighted to meet you.



If you've worked or looking forward to make a career in the hospitality and service industry, it means you know how dynamic and exciting it is.
These industries are growing rapidly in India, especially at the high end cities.
There are many opportunities for trainees and professionals to prove themselves in these excellent industries.
Indian Hawks will provide you the Platform of opportunities and it depends on you to make it your career or a way to flexibly supplement your income.
Joining the Indian Hawks'team of professionals will increase your credibility.
Our clients are looking for people with the highest level of professionalism. If you are prepared to work hard and refine your skills with us, then we welcome you to our team.